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How WeWork Trains Account Managers At Scale

WeWork is one of the fastest-growing companies around. But that means huge challenges for training new Account Managers. Learn how they solved them in this webinar.

Expanding the Account Management team by 5x in 12 months? Getting them onboarded in one week? Doing it all for a global, distributed workforce? Sounds pretty scary!

WeWork was facing down a monster task as it looked to train up its rapidly expanding team. Including the challenges of global distribution and massive, rapid scale, WeWork also had to solve problems like:

  • Training the team on major updates, releases, and changes and overcoming low engagement to do it.
  • Communicating minor changes in process and technology to the various teams as they became relevant.
  • Tracking the impact of training and onboarding activities.
  • Saving time and sanity by automating activities.

In this webinar, you'll hear from WeWork's Senior Lead of Growth Operations, Brian Goodliffe, on the tricks he and his team used to solve those challenges, as well as a few treats inside Gainsight that helped them do it. Expect a huge haul of tasty onboarding best practices and actionable training tactics you can put into practice at your growing Customer Success or Account Management teams tomorrow.

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