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Why vendor consolidation is one of the biggest forces in Customer Success right now

In this new world of economic turmoil, the CFO has become a key decision-maker for all SaaS vendors. As budgets tighten and companies focus on efficiency and profitability, businesses are consolidating their tech stacks. If you are a suite vendor, this could mean your churn risk just went up. On the other hand, it’s also an unprecedented opportunity to prove your value, make your technology sticky and improve retention. And if your suite of products are interconnected, it’s a great opportunity to cross-sell your products, offer their combined value, and expand revenue.

Join Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, Chris Collins, CCO at Tricentis, and Ryan Neu, CEO at Vendr for a discussion on how to uplevel your tech stack in the current market so you can:

  • Maintain and improve GRR by making your product stickier
  • Address more customer needs with expansion to new products
  • Adopt more efficient retention and growth strategies
  • And build a durable business that withstands the market
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