Gainsight’s Ultimate “Work From Anywhere” Guide


With much of the world undergoing social distancing, shelter-in-place orders, and strict quarantine, working from home has suddenly become the “new normal” for many companies—especially in the software industry.

Gainsight is one of those companies that has moved entirely to a remote workforce. However, Gainsight has also had a long history of thriving remote teammates and a “work from anywhere” mentality. We think of it as a “Gainsight Everywhere” office, and we’ve learned a lot of best practices for creating healthy, productive distributed cultures.

Over the last days and weeks, we’ve gotten a ton of emails from our customers, partners, and networks asking about these best practices, so we compiled them into this Work From Anywhere Guide.

In it, you’ll get tips and tricks for:

  • Creating and optimizing your home workspace
  • Managing the balance between home and work
  • Advice from WFH (work-from-home) Gainsters
  • And much more!
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