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10 things to avoid in 2022 during your pursuit of Customer Success

Join us for a fireside chat with Nick Mehta to kick off the new year!

Travel back to 2013… Can you remember the #1 hit song, or what show you were watching on Netflix? We can’t either. What we do remember clearly is that in 2013 Gainsight published the original 10 Laws of Customer Success. They became a roadmap for SaaS companies as they began their CS journey, propelling the growth of Customer Success as an industry.

Fast forward to 2022. Oh, how things have changed! The Laws got a much needed software update to help you succeed in the New Year. The New 10 Laws focus on becoming more proactive, rather than reactive, ultimately leading companies to not just decrease churn, but also increase Net Dollar Retention. CS has become so much more, and we can’t wait to share more with you on this Webinar.

Listen to Nick Mehta and incredible thought-leaders to learn:

  • How each new law can drive NRR for your organization.
  • Ways to drive adoption of the new laws, no matter your role.
  • How to identify which metrics will prove meaningful impact on growth
  • Anecdotes on accomplishing your goals while remaining human-first

P.S. If you would like a bit of prep work, check out our Ebook ahead of time

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