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AutoRek, a prominent player in the fintech industry, was experiencing rapid growth. To meet the evolving needs of their extensive portfolio, which includes major players in asset management, banking, insurance, and payments, they needed a customer success platform that could automate tasks and provide robust, actionable customer data. Enter Gainsight Essentials.

The company struggled to get a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer relationships and sought a seamless integration solution with Salesforce to optimize data flow.

To address these challenges, AutoRek adopted Gainsight Essentials. They harnessed the power of Calls to Action (CTAs) and Playbooks to empower Customer Success Managers (CSMs) in proactively identifying risks while streamlining administrative tasks. Gainsight Scorecards provided a holistic view of customer health, enhancing data analysis and discussions. Furthermore, AutoRek utilized Journey Orchestrator, Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, Dashboards, and Timeline to revolutionize customer engagement and foster cross-team collaboration. These solutions resulted in significant time savings, improved performance, and a scalable customer success model.

Here are a few of the results AutoRek has seen since implementation:

  • 2 hours per week per CSM saved through improved efficiencies
  • Enhanced engagement, consistency, and collaboration in Customer Success performance
  • Increased attendance at customer events through streamlined communication

AutoRek is now poised for accelerated growth, aligned around a single customer-centric approach, thanks to the transformative power of Gainsight Essentials.

Download the full AutoRek success story to learn more!

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