Case Study

Kount Transforms its Product Experience (and Time to Value) with Gainsight PX

Kount, an Equifax company and provider of digital identity and fraud solutions, lacked visibility into users’ product experience. Anecdotal information drove decision making, rather than insights pulled from data - resulting in frustrated users, a poor user onboarding experience, and churn.

With Gainsight CS implemented, the Customer Success team could see they were missing insights into product usage data to inform customer outcomes, and quickly realized the addition of Gainsight PX would provide the necessary visibility and tools to make the product a central part of the customer experience.

The power combination of Gainsight PX and CS drove cross-functional collaboration and ultimately delivered a better customer experience and time to value.

With the addition of Gainsight PX, Kount was able to:

  • Significantly improved product experience
  • Better prioritized their roadmap
  • Improve time to value
  • Increased customer retention

Read the case study to learn more about how Kount made user success a cross-functional team sport to drive better customer outcomes.

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